A little about me - Stacy Tripp

A little bit about me

For as far back as I can remember, I’ve been a camera ‘hog’! Not only did I love having my picture taken when I was little, but once I learned how to use a camera myself, I was hooked! I’ve been the one organizing everyone for photos ever since! I can’t help it; I love making a memory, into something I can hold, cherish and share for years! I love looking back on sweet moments whenever I need a smile. Photography, for me, is not scripted. I think the best pictures are of life, as is. I love to meet families in their favorite places whether that’s a park, your favorite ice cream shop or in your own backyard. If I know anything about raising a family, it’s that this time is short and it moves fast! I often yearn for the pause button on this wonderful thing called life. I want to savor my kids while they’re little, savor their first steps, first bike rides and the times they will run to me still small enough to be held…a little…bit…longer. I want to give you your pause button. In whatever phase of life you’re in. I want to help capture your family, in the middle of living. I will use your home, your cherished items, whatever means the most to you. I will meet you where you are and capture for you, in its very essence, your life. So, press pause and lets take pictures. This is your life, right now...tomorrow it could look completely different.

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